Oferta Alhambra en Diciembre
Visitar la Alhambra en Grupo

Join a group to visit the Alhambra and Generalife, every day in the morning the regular guided tour includes: entrances + Official guide. If you wish, we can pick up you from Granada, Seville, Málaga and Costa del Sol.


Alhambra private tour

Book an official private guide for you and/or a group of family, friends or partners to know in a more comfortable and more direct way the Alhambra of Granada.


Alhambra educational centres

Teaching centres have the option to book an educational guided tour adapted to the students' level, and accompanied by guide-educators.

Alhambra Granada Tickets information

Alhambra Tickets

The Alhambra and Generalife administration puts a limited number of tickets on sale every day and only 30% of these can be acquired at the ticket offices without a prior booking. So, during the high season it is complicated to obtain tickets for the day and inconvenient queues are common.

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A courtyard of the Alhambra

Video of the Alhambra: The manuscript deciphered

In 2013, the year that marks the millennium of the founding of the Kingdom of Granada, the program aims to decipher the hidden codes of medieval Moorish palace ...

Exposition about Grenada

New photo exhibition about Grenada

The new photographic exhibition will offer a journey through time from the Grenada covering the most historical to the modern and renovated one ...

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