Alhambra & Generalife Guided Tour- Join a group

Alhambra tour in Group


Available in the morning, every day starting at 10.00 am.

includes general ticket to the Alhambra, guided tour with an official guide of Granada and transport go and return to your hotel. Está todo incluido (entrada + guía + transporte).

Departures from Granada, Sevilla, Málaga y la Costa del Sol.

Puede que le interese contratar uno de estos dos packs que incluyen la visita guiada a la Alhambra: Visita Alhambra + Baño árabe Hammam y Visita Alhambra + Hotel.

Guided tour to the Alhambra and Generalife - Private Guide

Alhambra Private Guide


You can also hire a private official guide to accompany you in the Alhambra and thus get to know and understand the monument from the perspective of a professional.Highly recommended for small groups, or families. You can visit day or night.

Guided tour to the Alhambra and Generalife - Educational Centers

Alhambra con guía colegios


Cartuja Teaching centres have the option of contacting, which carries out school group visits, adapted to the students' level, and accompanied by guide-educators.

Guided tour to the Alhambra and Generalife - Cruises

Alhambra desde crucero

If you arrive to Malaga Port, you can now visit the Alhambra of Granada.


Alhambra from the Sky

Flight over Granada

We invite you to see Alhambra in a special way. Enjoy a different perspective of the Alhambra, Granada, Sierra Nevada and its environment.

Visit Granada Cathedral and Royal Chapel - Join a group

Visit Granada Cathedral and Royal Chapel


If you want to know Granada and its monuments (Royal Chapel and Cathedral) and the historic center, your visit is definitely the "Historical and Monumental Granada".

it is a regular tour comes out every Saturday afternoon (17.00).

Visit Granada Cathedral and Royal Chapel - Private Guide

Private Visit to Granada Monumental


If you´re looking for a personal tour in the center of the city to visit the most emblematic monuments, take this option. We´ll take you to the Royal Chapel, (pantheon of the Catholic Monarchs, Isabel and Fernando), to the Cathedral of the Encarnation (a wonder of the Spanish Renaissance), to the Madraza (medieval koranic school) and finally, after a walk across the Alcaicería, (the old silk market arab style), we will see the Corral del Carbón.

Visit Granada Cathedral and Royal Chapel - Schools

Visita pedagógica a la Capilla Real y la Catedral


If you want your students really enjoy and learn about the city centre and its history, we can offer you a walking tour that takes around 2.30 hours and includes the Cathedral, Royal Chapel, Madraza, the Corral del Carbón, Alcaicería (the old silk market).

Albaicin & Grenada Walking- Join a group

Walking Tour Granada Centre & Albaicín


We walk through the historical city centre to learn about the urban planning soon after the Reconquest. Then we will walk throug the Albaycin, the most authentic quarter of Granada declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1994, where one feels the essence of the city, a faithful reflection of the andalusi cultural legacy. The scent of orange blossom will accompany us.

Also available is a pack Albaicin Walking + Arabic Hammam Bath

Albaicin & Cartuja Monastery - Private Guide

Visita privada al Barrio del Albaicín  y al Monasterio de la Cartuja


You should not leave Granada if you haven´t seen the Carthusian Monastery, which is a jewel of the Spanish Baroque, and the old arab district Albaicin, enclosing within its medieval walls churches, convents, cisterns, palaces... and of course the balcony of St. Nicholas, and its famous view of the sunset in front of the Alhambra and the Sierra Nevada mountains...always in the atmosfhere of the old islamic area. The Albaicin has been recently scheduled by the UNESCO as a Cultural World Heritage.

The "Zambra" in Sacromonte caves

Cave Sacromonte


Enjoy a magnificent flamenco show in the legendary district of Sacromonte, traditional gypsy quarter of Granada, which hides all Andalusian duende flamenco, an art that Granada has a special charm

Arab baths in Granada - Hammam Al-Andalus

Arab baths in Granada


Recovers in Granada an ancient tradition: the hammam, offering a new bathroom concept focused on the general care of the body, keeping the atmosphere calm and simple refinement of Al-Andalus legacy while hydrated with a delicious tea.

There are also two packs for a guided tour in the morning and enjoy the afternoon swim: Guided tour of the Alhambra + Hammam y Guided tour of the Albaicin + Hammam

Visit a winery - Wine Tasting

Visit a winery with wine tasting

Experience a traditional Bodega Granada at the foot of Sierra Nevada, in the Valley of Lecrín, between Granada and the Mediterranean. A guided tour from the vine to the bottle by the places and processes of production of our wines. Includes tasting the results of all this care: our wine.

Olive Oil Route

Olive Oil Route


Leaving Granada discover the world of liquid gold in a nice trip! Do a tasting of various olive oils, visit a mill XV century and enjoy a typical Andalusian lunch!

Themed tours of Granada's main attraction - Private Guide

Themed Tours in Granada


If you do not find the tour you want, be sure to learn about the most attractive themed rides in the city. Through these rides can meet the legends and history of other monuments.

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